Drill Dictionary

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Level 1 and Collector Drills

The Reaching Sausage

The Moving Sausage

The Upwind Triangle

The Paperclip Drill

Circles of Death

Windward Leeward

Flower Drill

Level 2/3

Stop and Go on the whistle

Backwards WW/LW

Reaching Races

Tack/Gybe on the whistle

Box Drill

Xtreme Heel

Fireman Drill


2x Starts and a Race

Mystery Starts

Box Starts

Favoured End

Rabbit Starts

Slalom Course

Nose to the buoy

Rudderless Sailing

Blindfolded skipper/crew


Ball Tag

Wax Museum

Sailing Soccer


Touch the buoy

Scavenger Hunt

Treasure Hunt

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