Raglan Sail Ball Tournament

June 27-28, 2020

This winter, on the weekend of June 27th-28th, the Raglan Sailing Club in association with Waikato Thames Yachting Association will be hosting a Sail Ball Tournament in O’Pen Skiff dinghies (previously known as Bics). One day will be the Sail Ball Tournament, and the other day will be a fun day in Raglan, most likely mountain biking or something similar. We will plan for the tournament to happen on the Saturday, but if it gets near to the event and the weather is looking better on Sunday we may switch it around.

Sign up here: https://forms.gle/bHvEzrxkN6oo4zoP9

Find the Rules of Sail Ball here, or watch the video below to learn how to play the game:

We will be running a round robin with teams of 4 sailors each, concluding the day with a round of Finals as necessary to determine final placing. Teams will be mixed up so that they will be as even as possible, however you are welcome to request a team mate on your registration sheet. We will try to take into account requests as much as possible, but we may not be able to accommodate everybody.

The entry fee will be $15 if you are bringing your own boat. If you need to hire one from WTYA, the fee is $25.

This tournament is open to all age groups and levels. If you are too big to race O’Pen Skiffs, no worries, you can still play the game in them, as the playing field will be small and it is a game more about team work and strategy than it is about speed

The Raglan Sailing Club is located at 95 Lorenzen Bay Road, Raglan.

Once you have signed up and registered your interest, you will receive updates on day and time of event. Please register early so that I can make the teams fair in advance, I will also be sending teams by email once they are finalized. If you have any questions, contact Kirsten by text or email 021 216 7522, coach@sailraglan.org

See you there!

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